What is the Difference Between a Regular Doctor and an ENT?

Jan 26, 2018
Choosing a doctor can be a tough task, especially in a city as large as Los Angeles. During their medical training, doctors are educated in a wide range of specialties, and depending on your needs, it might be necessary to consult a specialist...

Choosing a doctor can be a tough task, especially in a city as large as Los Angeles. During their medical training, doctors are educated in a wide range of specialties, and depending on your needs, it might be necessary to consult a specialist as opposed to a regular doctor.

For issues such as chronic allergies, sinus problems, snoring, a deviated septum, or other problems related to the ear, nose and throat, it is often best to schedule an evaluation from an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist who has an exceptional set of professional skills to efficiently treat your condition.

While a general practitioner is medically trained, an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, or ENT, specializes in sinus, ear, nose, and throat conditions. This means that an ENT has not only received general medical training, but has also received a specialized education focused on ear, nose, and throat medicine.

As an ENT, Dr. Zadeh has years of education and experience treating patients in this medical specialty, and you can be assured he is well-equipped to diagnose and treat any ear, nose, or throat conditions correctly.


If you are having symptoms related to problems with your sinuses or nasal passages, consider seeing an ENT to obtain a more thorough evaluation of your condition, and for professional treatment. An ENT has a deep understanding through education and experience in their field of practice, and the ability to correctly diagnose and treat these conditions.

An ENT spends years in residency receiving hands-on medical training before receiving board certification. This extensive education and experience aids in the ability to diagnose, and establish a treatment plan for even the most difficult diseases and conditions affecting the nasal passages.


A general practitioner may have attempted to treat your condition with basic medical care, but an ENT, with years of training directly related to the exact procedures to resolve a range of diseases, conditions, and disorders, can accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your condition, and establish an effective treatment plan.

Dr. Zadeh is passionate about his practice and known as an authority in ear, nose, and throat diseases, conditions and disorders. You can be confident that, under his care, your condition will be treated by a medical professional with expansive knowledge. He will be able to consult you on your specific case and offer advice that is tailored to your needs and backed by vast experience.


When choosing to schedule a procedure with an ENT, with Dr. Zadeh, you can be confident that his clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, and that he will perform your procedure or treatment with the highest level of professional skill.

Through extensive medical research and experience, Dr. Zadeh has developed innovative methods and procedures so he can provide you with the least invasive, most advanced treatments. His office is equipped with all the tools needed to perform any procedure that could be needed to treat problems with the nasal passages and sinuses.


Problems with the ears, nose, and throat can lead to a variety of symptoms that impact your daily life. Among others, some of the symptoms of problems that should be diagnosed and treated by an ENT include:

  • Chronic allergies or sinus problems
  • Sleep apnea or snoring
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trouble hearing
  • Dizziness

If you have persistent problems with any of these conditions, suspect it may be time to seek medical treatment or have been treated by a general practitioner without relief, schedule an appointment with our ENT. With the proper care, chronic issues can be resolved to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Dr. Zadeh is one of the most qualified ENTs in the Los Angeles area and is available for consultations and appointments. Throughout his career, he has successfully treated many patients and helped them resolve nasal issues successfully, and help them have a better quality of life going forward.

Of the many options available to you, seeing an ENT is a smart decision if you are seeking the most advanced, effective treatment for your condition. For conditions such as a deviated septum, chronic allergies, or sinusitis, an ENT is best-suited to treat the condition correctly for long-term relief.