5 Signs You May Need Revision Sinus Surgery

Sep 06, 2023
5 Signs You May Need Revision Sinus Surgery
If you're struggling with chronic sinus problems that just won't go away, even after surgery, you may need revision sinus surgery. Read on to learn about five signs indicating you might need this procedure.

Sinus issues involve problems with the air-filled cavities in the bones around your nose and forehead, known as the sinuses. These cavities produce mucus that moistens your nasal passages, filtering out dust, bacteria, and other airborne particles. 

Sinus problems can arise when these cavities become inflamed or blocked, causing sinusitis.

Sinus surgery is a procedure that aims to clear these obstructions and restore normal sinus function. We typically recommend it for people with chronic or recurrent issues who haven't responded to traditional treatments. 

During the surgery, we remove obstructed tissue, correct structural abnormalities, and promote better sinus drainage. However, not all sinus surgeries result in complete relief, and some people may continue to experience symptoms. 

When this occurs, revision sinus surgery might be necessary. Mani Zadeh, MD, is a board-certified head and neck surgeon in Los Angeles, California. He's a leading specialist in performing sinus surgery, especially for those who might require a second intervention. 

In this article, he explores five clear signs you may need revision sinus surgery.

1. Recurring sinus infections

Sinus infections that keep coming back, even after treatment, could indicate that the previous surgery didn't address the underlying issues.

These infections can cause a fever, nasal discharge, and facial pain. If these symptoms persist, it's an indication that you may need further intervention. 

Revision sinus surgery can target any specific areas missed in your initial procedure, effectively addressing the root cause of your recurring infections.

2. Persistent nasal obstruction and congestion

A chronic feeling of stuffiness, nasal obstruction, and difficulty breathing can be excruciating. If these symptoms continue even after initial sinus surgery, it might indicate underlying structural problems weren't corrected and require another surgery.

Revision sinus surgery allows Dr. Zadeh to revisit the affected areas and make necessary corrections. This procedure can provide long-term relief from chronic congestion, allowing you to breathe more comfortably.

3. Ongoing facial pain and headaches

Continuous facial pain and headaches can be a symptom of unresolved sinus issues. Consulting with Dr. Zadeh is essential if these symptoms persist after initial surgery. 

He conducts a comprehensive examination to identify the underlying causes of this discomfort. He may then recommend revision sinus surgery to correct problems your initial surgery didn’t address or adequately treat. 

4. Decreased sense of smell and taste

Losing the ability to smell or taste properly is a bothersome symptom of sinus problems that can seriously affect how you enjoy food and life in. 

If you experience these symptoms and initial sinus surgery has not restored these senses, you might need revision surgery. Dr. Zadeh focuses on the particular areas affecting these senses during the surgery. 

5. Failure of previous sinus surgery 

Sometimes, your first sinus surgery doesn't achieve the desired results, causing your symptoms to persist. This failure could be due to various factors such as surgical technique, your nose's anatomy, or the sinus issue's complexity. 

If so, Dr. Zadeh carefully examines you and plans your revision surgery to focus on your unique needs. 

Living with persistent sinus problems can be draining. If you find that initial sinus surgery hasn't relieved the above symptoms, you may need revision sinus surgery. 

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