Parathyroid Surgery

Surgical removal of one or more Parathyroid Glands is called a Parathyroidectomy. Parathyroidectomy is the most common and effective treatment for Primary Hyperparathyroidism (enlargement of one or more Parathyroid Glands).

Minimally invasive Parathyroid Surgery is performed by making a small incision in the neck. Recent advances in Parathyroid Surgery allow for smaller incisions, minimal damage to surrounding tissues and much shorter recovery time.

Dr. Zadeh utilizes rapid intra-operative parathyroid hormone assays. This is a specialized blood test that is elevated in patients with Hyperparathyroidism and returns to normal within 10 minutes of removal of the abnormal Parathyroid Gland(s).

Dr. Zadeh is therefore able to confirm the success of the surgery prior to the patient leaving the operating room. This minimally invasive approach significantly reduces operative time by avoiding unnecessary exploration and surgery. In addition, the risk of surgical complication is decreased and the recovery period is shortened.

Parathyroid disease can be very serious if left untreated and it is important to see a doctor promptly if you think you may be affected by a parathyroid disorder. Dr. Zadeh is committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient care possible so that his patients achieve fast and effective treatment. Dr. Zadeh implements distinctive surgical approaches using the safest, most advanced, and minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Zadeh is focused on cutting-edge techniques and treatment options that offer his patients the greatest outcomes while minimizing risk.